when you're young, your heart is an open book

This is my timeline. What I've felt in the past, how I've grown, what I used to love, how i feel now and what I currently love. It's me. At different periods of time. My accomplishments and loves. My mistakes and regrets. All the truly beautiful things in life.

I’m confused…

The government emplaces laws and regulations to include some basic teaching of biology in school’s curriculum. This allowing students to obtain some basic knowledge about biology in order to form critical opinions on different health claims released in the media. This way, know-a-days students will as much as possible avoid being excuse the language “fucked-over” by companies trying to sell their health products that either offer no benefits or that cause more harm then good. They will come to an understanding what is good for them and will not suck in everything that is fed to the by the media just like previous generations have been. However, these large corporations selling these products for their own personal selfish gain are not only gaining an overwhelming amount of power by stepping on spineless unimportant puppets but also through aiding the government with their overbearing amount of riches. It’s a vicious circle and it’s disgusting and saddens me to think those who are in power and who are meant to represent us are in collaboration with these companies and also sometimes the corporations (once again excuse the language) “bitches”. This vicious circle mentioned is not however only in the world of health and nutrition but in every area of human life. Anywhere or anything that citizens find comfort or necessity in is an opportunity to abuse of this human need and help strongly advantage a minimal amount of assholes that don’t actually give a fuck.

  • 29 September 2012